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Michaela MacLeod's Journal

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Monday, November 13th, 2000
3:51 pm
There is a common misconception that demons are ugly, twisted beings. Another misconception is that demons can not love, that demons are beings of hate. I do so love shattering the illusions of others.

I would offer myself up as proof that perception and reality are often two very different things. When I shed the mortal skin I have adopted, I am not some twisted, perverse thing. Do humans really believe that when Lucifer fell he lost his beauty? Oh if they could only see him, the Lightbringer.

We can love. I can love. I do love. Lucifer blessed me with the ability to experience all the human emotions. I once cursed him for that. I curse him no longer. I understand it now.

Lucifer lives through me. He experiences the world of humans through me. He knows what it is to feel. It is because of me, through me. Even now, our thoughts are as one. He could not give this ability to himself. It was a gift he could only give away. He chose me because of our connection and it is glorious.

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Thursday, November 9th, 2000
9:48 am
My earliest memories are of perfect darkness, and my brethren huddled around me. Some confused. Some angry. Some frightened. But we were together and that is what counted. Darkness was all I had ever known. I was created after The Fall, far from the warm light of The Father.

My brothers and sisters had been cast down - or they had willingly followed those cast out. The first had been my father-brother, Lucifer. Lucifer who had stood higher in the eyes of The Father than even Michael. Lucifer who's only sin was Pride. Lucifer who created me from his own essence. I did not have a name yet, I was simply she who was he.

It mattered little that I stood above the rest. It mattered none that I was favored in the Lightbringers eyes. I was his twin in every way except one. I was created female to his male. Two sides of the same coin. The same and yet different. I was an archangel, fallen though we may have been, by simple virtue of my creation. I was he and he was me. Our thoughts, our very souls were as one.

I remember the day he gave me a name. He had grown particularly despondent. He missed his home, he missed the company of his brothers and sisters but, more, he missed The Father. He had seen Michael. Michael who had been jealous of Lucifer's position. Michael who hid his jealousy well from The Father. To this day, I still do not know what transpired between them though I could feel Lucifer's rage as if it were my own. When Michael left our dark place, I was called to my father-brother's side, along with my fallen brethren.

For the first time Lucifer called forth the light into the perfect darkness. We all blinked unsteadily, our luminescent eyes unused to the brilliant light. I was made to kneel before Lucifer as he placed a hand atop my head. Such love shone in his eyes as he gazed down at me. I could still feel the rage stirring within Lucifer. It sat as a rock within the pit of my stomach. He hid it well though, none of his anger showed through the perfect love in his eyes.

"It is time you had a name. A name befitting your station as my," he paused then, I believe he was unsure as to exactly what I was to him, "equal. Michaela shall be your name and you shall be all to me that Michael could not."

And so it was.

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Wednesday, November 8th, 2000
5:28 pm
It's been a long journey to where I am today. Micha was created oh.. I don't know, some 5 years ago or more on AOL. Creating her was rather spontaneous, with little thought put into what kind of character she was. Immediately, she took on a life and personality of her own. The lack of planning actually worked out well, Micha reached heights I never dreamed she would reach.

One of the things I always wanted to map out her background in some compact type setting. LJ is going to give me a great way of doing that, I think. I look forward to this step in Micha's journey and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I will enjoy bringing it here.

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